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beautiful sniper







Short trip in winter holiday [2]

inn 1

I stayed at a hot spring inn of good old Japanese.


corridor of inn

Corridor of inn.


inn 2

This traditional Japanese inn is a registered tangible cultural property.



Dinner at Kotatsu.
If you say “What is Kotatsu?”, please visit Japanese daily sight ‘Life in Kawagoe‘ by cocomino.  :)


Yesterday, I had a special holiday with my friend.
At first, we took photos of many stray cats at the places (the Yanaka Cemetery, Yanaka, Taito Ward, Tokyo) to they live.
These cats are treasured by volunteers. I was happy to have met with spry cats.

Then we explored the streets of Yanaka.

It’s location still retaining the feel of the good old days in Tokyo.


At night, We enjoyed the great Japanese photographer Herbie Yamaguchi‘s Photo exhibition and Talk show.
His works and words were full of hope and attractive and very interesting!

So, my holiday was great. To my friend Mika, thank you for invited me! :)


– The corporate warrior does not have a rest –

6:56 p.m. ‘McDonald’, Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan

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